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MinerTransaction 0x0c34902e04a1c19822480dbd225692fd2a52821221ca94c7b0b68ed1db429d6e
AZTkLYcBz4VRZs8ZudCCGRkhiDaD8sMu7V 4.69000000 BHP
BlockHeight 1907993
Size 136(bytes)
AttributeUsage MinerSignature
AttributeData eae3d4294ebfe0ed5c5878bce72cdeb155690563772c79cb5e490e04b6eb3450c9b256e4afba80cfa6ba3b5a818f66b415bf55fffe0b13f68836e5aac6b79f4f
Inputs and Outputs
Total Output 4.69000000 BHP
Transaction Fees 0 BHP
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Version Email
Return Type Description
Uses Storage ContractInstruct
Blockchain of Hash Power

BHP(Blockchain of Hash Power)is a global intelligent computing power network. It’s endeavored to build a set of infrastructure centering on computing power ecosystem so as to provide basic services to various emerging computing power ecosystems represented by digital cryptocurrency hash power, genetic computing power, IPFS computing power and AI computing power, and to expand the application scenarios of these kinds of computing power, build an ecosystem centering on computing power asset credit, and to promote the convenient supply, acquisition, circulation, transaction, settlement and derivative financial service of various kinds of emerging computing power around the world.

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