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ContractTransaction 0x17e6a7e0b8e496e16efd3f003395ef00ece4a1f243311fa65618dd38f4cc5393
AZiwRrKo2A5WnmmFRFAvCaRgYvMijBciq9 8739.84299636 BHP
AWertYLDiGEL87kLrYWQ1c7t8FSYuQbrDf 69317.30590364 BHP
BlockHeight 27478
Size 262(bytes)
Inputs and Outputs
Total Output 78057.14890000 BHP
Transaction Fees 0.0001 BHP
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invocation: 40aa88b1847e1e3767902240500b4e6622b0f518a8fb2767611f1e582185341da4d766a9d6bbe0af76e3d61e1e10675c020be6d61c4d418f881453bb465f2ce788
verification: 210255f9360ac2c2d514b028ea4301038ce01af0fc242c61b95182643f324e6ae80fac


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Uses Storage ContractInstruct
Blockchain of Hash Power

BHP(Blockchain of Hash Power)is a public chain which is the world's first decentralized digital asset interaction network based on bitcoin hash power credit. By using Bitcoin hash power as a broad agree digital asset value exchange intermediary, smart contracts are used in BHP network to realize the trusted and free interaction and circulation of digital assets and real world’s assets. The BHP chain uses the open source blockchain and digital identity technology to digitize the global hash power assets, and it uses smart contract to provide a distributed network system for asset exchange and circulation based on hash power credit guarantee for digital assets and physical assets..

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